Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Futility of Blogging

In 2003 I kept reading about something called a "weblog". Surely, I thought, this is just another name for the personal homepages that have been around since prehistoric times (ie the 90s). And of course I was right.

Still the articles persisted, and insisted that with tools like Blogger creating your own weblog was dead easy - anyone could do it. Eventually I succumbed and created this, wrote my first post, and published it proudly to the blogosphere (*cringe* - I hate that word).

... and two years later that single post stands as a testimony to the futility of blogging for its own sake. It turns out that in order to do this thing a fairly fundamental requirement is that you have something to say about something or other. And apparently I do not have anything to say.

So I come here to remove this blog, but with finger poised to click "Delete" a thought occurs to me. Then another. Ok so now I have a couple of ideas for posts, and I make a bit of a deal with myself. I'll leave it up a while longer, make a kind of semi-commitment to write up these ideas and see if I end up having something to say after all. And if it's gone nowhere in a month or so, well I can come back and delete it then.


Nathaniel said...

I actually read your whole blog. Keep it up even if you think you have nothing to say.

Ben said...

Thanks for the encouragement.