Wednesday, September 28, 2005


A flatmate used to record daytime soaps so she could watch them after work. So we've already established that she's not too bright, however that's not the amusing bit. The amusing bit is this - she insists that the TV has to be left on all day, otherwise the program won't record.

I explain to her that the signal between VCR and TV is purely one-way affair, and that the state of the Television can in no way influence the ability of the VCR to record. (Ok if she were to place a pot-plant on the TV and water it the resulting fire might affect the Video Recorder, but that's a story for another time).

She insists that on one occasion she had turned the TV off, and on that day her show was not recorded. Therefore, she concludes, the Television must be on all day.

I explain that this is not sufficient to establish causality, and reiterate the simple facts of TV-VCR interaction. This has no effect. I explain that no doubt solar flare activity messed with the timer on her Recorder. This she accepts.


thr said...

You need to read the book "He Died Witha Felafel in His Hand"

Right. freaking. now.


Ben said...

Thanks. Will check it out.