Friday, November 25, 2005

Damn You Ubuntu

It is common knowledge that Mark Shuttleworth and his merry band of Ubuntuites will ship you your very own Ubuntu CD at no charge - not even postage. What is not widely reported is a serious bug in the whole process. Let me explain...

I go to and start thinking "Wouldn't it be cool to get my very own official Ubuntu CD in the post". I click the "Ship It - Free CDs" link, sign up for the Launchpad, then go to order myself some CDs. It turns out the minimum they will ship is five, since the cost to send five is barely more than for one.

I fill in my details. Now so far the process has been smooth.

But it is right about this point the whole thing falls in a heap,and there is nothing I can do to recover from the crash, no matter how many time I start over. I just cannot get my brain to accept the idea that it is ok to allow Mr Shuttleworth to pay the cost of sending me the CDs. Pesky conscience.

But the thing is I have no qualms about downloading the CD at no charge, even though it costs Mr Shuttleworth and his company $$ to create their distribution. Pesky inconsistent conscience.

Next time I'm going to do it, dammit. I shall muster ever iota of willpower at my disposal and click that damn submit button if it causes my brain to leak out through my ears and leave a nasty stain on the carpet. I will kid myself that it's alright because I will give the extra CDs out to friends, and thus spread the word, and somewhere down the line somebody will pay Ubuntu for services or something, and that will make it alright. Whatever it takes, because I really really want my free Ubuntu CD.

Damn pesky inconsistent hard-to-fool conscience.

UPDATE: And the solution is of course, as pointed out to me here and on the Ubuntu forums, to donate.


corpus said...

You should go to:

He talks about all the ubuntu guys can duke it out!

Ben said...

Thanks, I'll take a look. :)

Anonymous said...

How to donate to Ubuntu

Ben said...

Yes I am a bit slow.

Anonymous said...

Ubuntu sent me 3 cds. The 5 minimum must be pretty flexible.

Ben said...

That's interesting. Thanks.