Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Microsoft is Funny

So, I've got the Win2k box at work with a corrupted registry such that it will not boot. A little searching indicates a tool from Microsoft which may or may not repair the registry.
It is here.
Registry Corruption in Windows 2000 can prevent your system from booting. The Windows 2000 Registry Repair Utility is a tool that can help to recover a Windows 2000 system from registry corruption. "

That's not the funny bit. The funny bit is that in order to download this tool you need to go through the "Genuine Windows Validation" process. This involves running a validation tool on your Windows box that determines if your copy of Windows is legal. Of course this requires a bootable Windows system.

Do you see the problem here?


corpus said...

No, not really. But don't listen to me. I don't understand computers. My computer/html knowledge is below beginner level.

Ben said...

Not everybody can be a computer genius like Henry.