Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Turn on the Babysitter

Contrary to popular opinion the Television (or computer, gamecube, etc) makes a lousy babysitter. The TV can't feed the kids when they're screaming for food, or force-feed them the damn remote control they're fighting over, or even bash them round the head with a big stick. What kind of a babysitter is it that can't do these fundamental things.

Send them off to work in the mines. Not only do you get a little peace and quiet, you actually get paid for it!


Madame DeBarge said...

You're so right! After all, I totally had kids (Okay, one, but I want more) to do my household work for me. Empty the trash, do the dishes...I've been waiting years, just clothing and feeding the little bugger with no return!
Oh, and I found this through HtA, and your comments on Bees Knees. Personally, I am now going to visit every day, because I am totally enamored of Henry. (Is it wrong to have a thing for a...character? I hope not...)
Okay, I'll stop now.

Ben said...

Yes all those expectations we had of them just popping out, looking up at us with an angelic expression on their little baby faces, then saying "So, five cents and hour - that sounds good. Where do I start"... all those expectations turned out to be unfounded. Who could have guessed.

I think it is ok to have a thing for a character. In fact please feel free to send him expensive gifts - care of me, or course. I'll be sure to pass them on, honest.

On a slightly more serious note, thanks for your comments. I started writing Henry to amuse myself, but it pleases me no end that it also amuses one or two others.