Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wanna Buy a Bridge?

So I'm looking at laptops. Why? I hate laptops, but on the other hand do love gadgets. Besides, it seems I can now get one under a thousand dollars, even in Australia.

Anyway, my requirements are simple - cheap, and will run Linux. Actually it turns out my requirements are incredibly complex. It seems vendors are only interested in selling laptops that will run a certain five year old operating system. while theortically useful turns out to have no information on any of the models I'm looking at. Google is altogether less useful in this case.

I just want to repeat this one more time: Retailers will only sell laptops designed to run an ancient, insecure, unreliable hack of an operating system from a company that demonstrates over and over that they cannot be trusted.


corpus said...

Let it go, man.

Let laptops live and let live.


Ben said...

Yes I know I should live and let live, but I hate them, dammit, with their tiny little keyboards and their horrible touchpads, and their inadequate every-damn-thing-else. And did I mention being tied to a five year old operating system.

corpus said...

Oh well that sucks then.

Well why not pursue another field of employment? Like pimping? That's big in Australia, right? No, wait, that's Nevada! oops.

Ben said...

I think I'll pass on that suggestion, thanks anyway. I mean the hat and the pimp suit are tempting, but I could never drive a Cadillac. Sorry but I must try and maintain some standards.

corpus said...

Yes, standards-those are good things. Doubt that any pimps have standards. Well, maybe they do have standards. But their standards are like how much money they should be making off their ho's. Now, those are very good standards, don't you agree? ;-)

Btw, I changed my avatar. I like this one the best.

Ben said...

I am uncertain. On the one hand I agree that having standards is a good thing, but on the other hand I am the walrus.

Goo goo ga joob.