Friday, December 09, 2005

Plug and Play

So I buy a couple of air conditioners, take them home, and live happily every after in climate-controlled comfort. Yeah, right.

It turns out the damn things have to be installed. You need to get some guy to measure and cut and hack and do all sorts of things with wood and metal and electricity that I don't understand just to get the stupid things working. What kind of a useless product is that?

This really is unacceptable. They should just work, like my computer does, or the toaster, as soon as I take them home. None of this installing stuff, and hacking it, and making sure it has the right kind of protection and won't, you know, fall over as soon as I turn it on. It's just crap. When will the white-goods industry get their fingers out and try to do the right thing by their customers, like the computer industry does.


corpus said...

Hey I thought you were good with your hands and stuff. too bad.

Ben said...

Well I could strip your computer with my eyes closed. Actually, I did strip your computer with my eyes closed, but am hoping you don't notice all the missing bits. Anyway, I've already sold them so no point complaining now.

It's not like you needed all that RAM anyway.

corpus said...

Ah-hah, so it WAS you. Sneaky bastard. And that's not to say that your parents were never married. cause I mean, what do I know, right?

Ben said...

I understand, but you're still not getting your RAM back.