Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blogexplosion - Day Two

At first it goes like this:
I view a couple of weblogs (mostly crap I'm sorry to say but occasionally something good) then there's a hit on mine. I win 25 credits in their random draw, then in very short order there are 25 hits on my weblog.

Come day two and suddenly the hits start to dry up. Credits are banking up, with only an occasional hit being sent my way. What does this mean? Are new signups given a high priority for the first 24 hours, and then dropped to the bottom of the barrel?

As of this writing Henry the Adequate has 68 credits, with only three Blogexplosion hits today. So far Blogexplosion is less of a bang, more of a whimper, mostly a grand waste of time. More later.


Joe Brochin said...

Interesting post. I have just started using Blog Explosion. That is how I came across your blog. I guess we will both see.

oops since starting this post I just read they denied my blog becuase it did not have anough content, they said wait until I have a few more posts.

Like there policies to keep out some of the junk, but not enough content.

Interested in hearing about your results. Keep posting.

Ben said...

It is early days in the Great Blogexplosion Experiment, so yes we shall see.

I was surprised they didn't deny my other weblog (Henry the Adequate), but there you go.

SquareGirl said...

What the heck are credits? And why don't I ever get any credits, or credit for that matter?

SquareGirl said...

Just joshin...I know what credits are...they are kinda like brownie points like my mom used to give me to do work and stuff. I have a whole lot of brownie points and no idea what to do with them though.

Ben said...

Yeah, that's right. Except I never got any brownie points on account of my parents being kinda obsessed with eating healthy. Instead I got orange juice points. Anyway, brownies are way too rich for my taste - would have preferred chocolate ice cream points, given the choice, which I never was, and if I ever did something to earn them, which I never did.

SquareGirl said...

Yeah, I thought that brownie points had to do with dessert too, until my mom explained to me that Brownie's were in fact pre-Girl Scouts. It was very dissapointing to learn that there were no edible Brownies, just a bunch of girls, aspiring to be scouts and sell cookies...I am so glad that Hnry keeps those girls in his basement...they so deserve it, confusing SG to belive that Brownie points actually meant something.

Ben said...

Ah, well, I wouldn't know about that, as this is an entiiiiiirely different weblog, not affiliated in any way with Henry the Adequate

But anybody reading this should definitely check out Henry the Adequate to verify that I am telling the truth, then maybe return a few hundred time to make sure, and click on the ads too. Yes, that's a good idea.

Lorraine said...

Why is Henry all yellow and wordless...Now that's scary!!!
Did the world get blasted on Thursday? and why am I still here?

Lorraine said...

never must have been advertising or asking for money again and my computer wouldn't let you pop-up...silly computer

Ben said...

I don't do popups.