Friday, January 20, 2006

Blogexplosion - Worth it?

So here's what happens.

Signup up at
Add Weblog.
Wait for hits.

No, that's not how it works, because Blogexplosion won't send hits your way until you've visited some other blogs. So, here's what really happens.

Sign up.
Add weblog.
Click "Surf Member Blogs".
Wait 30 seconds.
View next blog.
Wait 30 seconds.
... etc

For every two blogs you view this way you get one credit, for which Blogexplosion will direct one hit your way. Occasionally you will win some extra credits. So, you're guaranteed an increased hit count, as long as you're willing to sit there clicking that mouse button every thirty seconds.

The only question, and I guess it is obvious, is one of quality. Sure, you're getting page views, but is anyone actually reading your stuff? What is the value of readers who are really only interested in generating hits to their own site?

Now when it comes to Technoblogical this doesn't really concern me - I don't care who reads it, or if nobody does, because it is really just my opinion on stuff I'm barely qualified to comment on. However, when it comes to my real weblog at Henry the Adequate , well that's another story. I want quality hits from people who are actually interested in reading my bullshit. I want regular readers.

There's a simple way to test the effectiveness of Blogexplosion. I'll use it to generate hits for a few days, then stop and see if my page views drop back to previous levels. Results next week.


zip said...

I've just joined blogexplosion but now you've got me thinking. Thanks for that...I'm sure it's good that i think occasionally ;)

Ben said...

Yes, thinking is good for your brain :)

Arné Klopper said...

Hi, I just buy myself some $5 packs at BlogExplosion, also worth checking out is the new BlogMad!, a new site in prelaunch, also some cool forums also..

Ben said...

Hmmm, paying cash for hits. That sounds almost exactly like something I don't want to be doing. Add to that the likelihood that they will be extrememly low value hits, and I get the feeling that maybe a lot of people are being ripped off.

But maybe that's just the way my brain works or something, and maybe people are really getting great value for money.

SquareGirl said...

No, no, no benhenry, don't do want people to like you for YOU, not their surfing ability...benhenry is too uniquely special to be appreciated by some generic place like blogexplosion...of course i love benhenry and would never judge you for being part of I may be part of BE too someday...and now that i think of it, the more that people can be exposed to benhenry, the BE away!

Ben said...

Thanks squaregirl :)