Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blogexplosion Again and Again

Blogexplosion has banner ads. You can place your own ads, for a price. Currently for one credit your banner can be displayed thirty-one times. Remember, to get one credit you need to view two weblogs, or you can buy a gaggle of them for five bucks.

Anyway, I created a crappy banner for Henry the Adequate, using some online thingy that I found via google but seem to have now misplaced. You can view it here: My Fab Banner

Great isn't it.

Right now the banner has been displayed 1423 times, with 12 clicks. This gives a click-through rate of 0.84%

So 2 blog views gives me 1 credit.
1 credit = 31 banner views.
therefore for every blog I view I get 15.5 banner views.
1423/12 = 118 (rounding down)
118/15.5 = 8 (rounding up)

Therefore, at the moment, it costs me 8 blog views for one click through to Henry the Adequate. I wonder if a better banner would give me more clicks. Since these page views are voluntary I wonder if they are more valuable than the standard blogexplosion view-for-thirty-seconds page view. I wonder if there's any chocolate left in the fridge.


Lorraine said...

but the real question here Ben, Is who gives a click?

Lorraine said...

another important thing to wonder about is why aren't Germans fatter?
I just had a piece of German chocolate cake and I tell you

Ben said...

Nobody I've met.

Chocolate is non-fattening. Honest.