Friday, February 10, 2006

Cartoon Messiah

It seems just about every weblog I visit these days has something to say about the whole religious cartoon thing featuring that guy whats-his-name, whoever he is. Apparently something or other happened somewhere, which caused some other things to happen in some kind of fashion, and various people got upset and did things that are generally considered unacceptable, which made some other people upset. War ensued, or will ensue. Of this part I am uncertain.

Anyway, I suppose I need to have something to say about it too, so here goes my opinion on the subject:

Cartoons are drawing things that some people can make and that have little bubbles and things on them that are supposed to represent speech. Some people even use computers to make cartoons. Some people even use cartoons to get their jollies, and some people use them for satire. Sometimes cartoons can be in colour. An example of an actual cartoon can be found here. Cartoons are sometimes also called comics, although these might also be entirely different things - I am uncertain. you should ask someone who knows about this stuff.


corpus said...

I love love LOVE cartoons!!! Read THE INVISABLES sometime. I think you might like.

Ben said...

got a link?

keith said...

I'm a Christian. People mock Christ everyday and call it art. I'm not going to start a riot. I'm not going to hurt anyone because they have another belief. I will perhaps purchase another paper and not support those cartoons/art but I will not use it as an excuse for violence or to push a political agenda. I like living in the USA where I have freedom of speech, religion, and cartoons.

I like the incredibles and x-men.

Ben said...

Yes it's all kinda out there and extreme and all that. Sorry if I sounds kinda vague - don't follow the news much.

I like ctrl+alt+del and Groo the Wanderer.

Lorraine said...

Was Henry trying to get through again?
'cause this sounds Henryish, not technoben

Ben said...

I do not guarantee a clear seperation of Ben and Henry.