Sunday, February 19, 2006

Form Over Content

I just accepted a blogexplosion challenge from a very interesting weblog. The interesting thing about it is that it looks beautiful, but seems to have no content to speak of, whereas Henry the Adequate looks like crap, but is packed with content (some would say content of dubious quality - I know where you live, dammit).

So, will Form win, or Content? Whole minutes of fun.

Check out the battle here (my username is nebyah on Blogexplosion):
Oh, and my opponent is here:

UPDATE: Here's what I was hoping to write. "Sadly Henry was defeated by the forces of eye-candy! No, I am not bitter, dammit."

Unfortunately Henry won, so I guess occasionally content is indeed king. I'd have voted for northernbound, if they'd let me. Go and take a look at the beautiful template. Tell her Henry sent you.


SquareGirl said...

HayBen! Congratulations! Substance of superficial appearance wins anyday in my book and apparently judgers of battle of the blogs agree!

Ben said...

Yeah, thanks. Currently Henry is winning almost as many battles as he is losing, which means that I have a slightly below average weblog - if battle of the blogs can be trusted. :)

SquareGirl said...

which, i mean why could it not be trusted...i've read a lot of blogs and clearly every blogger out there is brilliant.

Ben said...

Yes, I see your point. I also have never seen a crappy weblog.

SquareGirl said...

Nor have I. I am not sure that crappy weblogs really exist, as every weblog I have ever read is profound and not at all mundane, ridiculous, pointless, uninspiring, nor bland and just plain a waste of my time.

Ben said...

Well, except for mine, obviously.

Marlee said...

Hey I am working on content :P As for BoB I say it's not trust worthy. Sites with no content or looks have beaten me. There is a way to cheat and BE is working on it they say. I haven't done a battle in ages... I think *blush*

BE is good for getting a start in exposure but after a while it gets stale. I am doing BlogMad for the moment till that gets stale.

Ben said...

Hi Marlee.
Yes, I've seen complaints about voting groups in BOB, so have pretty much stopped participating. BE is amusing for a while, but in the end it takes up too much of my time.