Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More about Blogexplosion

First the positive:
I have encountered some very good weblogs.
Had to look at a tremendous amount of crap in the process.
Increased page impressions...
... which disappear as soon as I stop using Blogexplosion. This tells me that the readers sent by blogexplosion are not really looking for content, but for hits. Either that, or my stuff is crap, which may be the more likely explanation.
If you're really desperate you can buy page impressions from blogexplosion.
If you're really desperate you can buy page impressions from blogexplosion. Extremely low quality ones from people who are just looking for hits on their own sites, but are too cheap to fork over the five dollars. Myself, for example.

For my next brilliant scientific investigation I will determine whether cigarettes cause lung cancer by smoking one, then watching to see if I drop dead over the following week. Being struck by a car means instant disqualification, so don't even try any tricks like that. Furthermore using my patented, and extremely powerful, "making shit up" technique I will prove all sorts of other things that I'm not about to go into right now because this joke is just not working and deserves to be clubbed to death like a baby seal...

Damn those baby seals.


SquareGirl said...

Darn, I was completely unaware that you held the patent on the "making shit up technique" as I use it all..., I mean er, never ever have used it before, ever.

Ben said...

You can patent anything these days, apparently.

Please send cash :)