Thursday, February 09, 2006

Why Apple Really Really Ditched Power

Here's what really happend:

Steve: Hey guys, e comes before o, right?

Underling #1: Uh... yes...

Steve: Well that's no good. We're supposed to be leaders, not followers, and what with "Power" coming after "Pentium" in the dictionary that's just gonna make us look bad. That's like completely the antithesis of our whole image thing, dude.

Underling #2: Um...

Underling #1: It means the opposite.

Underling #2: I know what antithesis mean, moron.

Underling #1: You're the moron.

Underling #2: Am not.

Steve: Shut up!!

Underlings: Sorry.

Steve: I want Pentium processors, like, right now!

Underling #1: But didn't we decide we like Power cause it sounds all powerful and stuff?

Underling #2: And doesn't IBM come before Intel in the dictionary?

Underling #1: Yeah, man.

Steve: None of that stuff matters now. Did you see the colour of the new Power chips? Yuck!! I'm not having that inside any of my computers!

Underling #2: Yeah, you've got a point boss.

Underling #1: Sure thing man.

Steve: And stop saying man! Say dude. Dude is much better, and really hip and stuff. You've got to get with what the kids are saying, man - I mean dude.

Underlings: Uh...

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