Monday, March 13, 2006

Renting Blogs

Battle of the Blogs offered whole minutes of fun. The next thing you can do with Blogexplosion is blog rental. Here you can rent space on your own blog out to another blogexplosion member. And here you can buy space on somebody else's blog.

Payments are in Blogexplosion credits, with blogexplosion taking ten percent. Rental can be anything from ten to five hundred credits. The rental period is one week. Always check the click through rate for past rental periods before signing on the dotted line. Most potential landlords seem to have an extremely exaggerated idea of how much their blog space is worth. A hundred credits for two clicks is highway robbery.

Look for extras - some landlords will write a nice post about you, and some will provide a permanent links someplace even after the rental has expired. Henry the Adequate often incorporates the tenant into his ongoing story, thus giving several permanent links, and many many ongoing hits for the lucky tenant. This is not a shameless plug. Move along. Nothing to see here.

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