Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Welcome to the Wilderness, Rob

I have selected a tenant from the five bids. You will see a thumbnail just below my profile on the right.

Strangely enough Rob in China is not a moron - or does not appear to be, so his decision to bid on this blog is mysterious indeed. Rob describes himself thus: "I report those weird, wacky, odd, and strange news stories that don't get much mainstream coverage and then I add my own special photos to them".

It is a reasonably accurate description. Clicking on the thumbnail will open a new window, or a tab, depending on your browser settings. Clicking the link above will open the page in the current window and tab. You are encouraged to so click.


Rob in China said...

Thanks for the warm welcome (I think? lol) It is true, I have been called a moron by my mother more then once in my life, especially after hearing that I was going to wander around China, apparently for no good reason. Thanks for having me, I feel right at home

Rob in China

Ben said...

:) You're welcome. I am sure both of my readers will visit you. Possibly even twice.