Monday, June 19, 2006

Bill Retires!

So, Bill Gates is retiring. I was going to say something about rats deserting a sinking ship, but then I didn't.

According to Google, Billy boy was born in 1955, which makes him... calculating... calculating... older than me. So there!

Bill, or "William the bloody" as he is known to his friends (<-- gratuitous Buffy reference) is best known for his missionary work with the starving children in Africa, his wedding to that model whose name I have temporarily forgotten, that song he did about Vietnam - you know, the one with the spastic horses - and his enormous (<-- sentence ends prematurely)

The Billster also earned renown as an expert glass worker, although his windows did have a tendency to explode for no readily apparent reason, and also because he invented velcro. However those of us who really know Billy-Bob will look back fondly on his time as head of an insignificant little software company called.... whatever it was called, where he shocked the world by developing the world's first BLOGGER HAS CAUSED A GENERAL PROTECTION FAULT IN MODULE "RANDOM GPF.DLL" PLEASE STAND BY WHILE WINDOWS ERASES ALL OF YOUR DATA OR PRESS ANY KEY TO ERASE ALL OF YOUR DATA.

Oh, crap.

PS (<-- nonsequitor link to current tenant.)


keith said...

Thanks, that was the laugh I needed.

Ben said...

You're welcome. Tell your friends.

Christian Jensen said...

Schwanst├╝cker, the word you're looking for is schwanst├╝cker!

Ben said...

Now that's a word. A magnificent, awe inspiring word, fit for even old "Bill the Robber Baron" himself. I think I will frame that word and hang it on the mantlepiece beside my last cherry ripe and my photo of Pope John the 23rd.

keith said...

I was in a Citrix class last week and told the whole class, all 6 people! 2 actually seemed interested.

Ben said...

Wow, that will double, no tripple, my readership.