Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ode to Democracy

Consortiuminfo.org - ODF, MS and MASS: Now you see the dots (and now you don't)

Ho hum. Graft and corruption in America. Sandard operating procedure, as far as I can see. Is there a more openly corrupt political system?

I suppose it's a good thing they're so open about it, because then at least people know where they stand - government by the rich, for the rich.


keith said...

All politians are crooks no matter what country they are in.

In America the poor have a free place to live, free food, and several TVs.

To be poor in America is to be rich in 80% of the world. I say that not because I'm rich (I wish), but because I've been to most the countries in South America and Europe while in the Navy. (Also, because 57% of statistics are made up on the spot!)

Even the prisoners in America have Cable or Satellite TV.

What a country!

keith said...

Disclaimer: I'm an office polygamist since I use OpenOffice.org, Microsoft Office, And Adobe.

Ben said...

I don't have cable. Actually, I don't get TV reception at all. Statistically speaking I am just part of the one hundred percent of people living at my house who cannot watch TV. Something needs to be done about this disgraceful situation, and I think the government should pay for it, dammit.

"An honest politician is one that stays bought." - Robert Heinlein

Ben said...

PS: I am an office polygamist for entirely different reasons. Don't tell the wife.

Lorraine said...

Wow, they have sand operating procedure? That surely goes against the grain.

Do you watch Firefly on your computer? My son made such a fuss about it, I had to give to him, and the movie Serenity. The things you sacrifice for your children.

Tit Polygamist!

Ben said...

No, I watch Firefly on my TV. It is bigger. Remember, size matters.