Monday, July 24, 2006

Ebay absurdities Acer Laptop (item 280010649916 end time 30-Jul-06 10:04:52 AEST):
Oh, and while I'm on a "mock ebay" thing, I just love this bit: "The computer has only ever been used for word processing". That's got to make it worth waaaaay more than if it had been used for spreadsheets, or web browsing or, shudder, downloading mp3s.

Also, it was owned by a little old lady who only drove it to church on Sundays. Honest.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'd Buy That For A Dollar Microsoft Windows XP Professional OS (item 120009958959 end time 24-Jul-06 18:15:36 AEST)

Here is a copy of Microsoft Windows XP Professional for sale on ebay without the COA. In other words, what is being sold is the physical media, and not a license to use the the operating system.

Value of blank CD: $1

Current bid, with 24 hours to go: $26 + $4 postage.

Morons Actually, cancel that - an item is worth whatever somebody is willing to pay for it. Morons.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Suse Linux 10.1 - Adventures in Wireless

So, Fedora Core 5 was on the new machine for a whole day. Sure, it has some good stuff, but is kinda broken, on account of not providing the kernel source, or at least headers for the installed kernel.

So, I whipped out my lovely gold Suse Linux 10.1 CDs, all shiny and slim and beckoning me to wrap them in my.... Ahem...

Anyway, I wipe the saliva off my shiny new Suse Linux 10.1 CDs, and before you can say "Holy crap, he just installed Suse Linux 10.1" I have installed Suse Linux 10.1 on my brand new Pentium computer thingy. I say "Suse Linux 10.1" again just to draw attention away from the fact that I keep switching between past and present tense, and also because I am hoping there is some kind of world record for saying "Suse Linux 10.1".

So then, next thing I did, apart from changing tense yet again, was to see if I could maybe get the wireless networking set up. I popped in the floppy containing the RT61 driver souce, copied the archive to /usr/src, tar -zxvf, make all, and watched as it compiled without error. Gee that was a bit easier than the Red Hat Fedora experience.

See, Suse Linux 10.1 includes the kernel source on the installation CDs, which is kind of neat and <sarcasm>really really innovative. Other distributions should try something like that</sarcasm>.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Dealing With Comment Spam

"Anybody know how we get an RSS feed for this blog? I am not very tech savvy and would really like to get updated info on this blog. Thanks!"

At first glance this appears to be a reasonable request, however it is one of the more subtle forms of comment spam. Why? Because the guy calls himself "Hair Removal Products", and includes a link to some nasty site selling hair removal products as his homepage.

So, I'm moderating the comments, and am about to delete it, when it occurs to me that perhaps I should not be so quick to delete comment spam. Perhaps this awful stuff can be turned to my advantage...

Recognizing Comment Spam
Subtle indicators (Two or more of these suggest you're probably looking at spam):
  • The comment is on an old post.
  • The comment is very generic and could apply to any post, or indeed, any blog. ("I like this blog")
  • Your hair falls out while you're reading it.
In the case of the subtle indicators you need to look at the web address they have entered in the homepage field, and possibly their username.

Not So Subtle Indicators:
  • The comment is trying to sell you stuff. "Credit cards, personal loans, payday loans, mortgages, auto loans, etc...."
  • Hyperlinks in the comment body.
  • "I am a pathetic moron spammer" or something like that in the comment is a pretty good indication that the spammer has accidently put "I am a pathetic moron spammer" in the comment. Probably because (s)he is not very good at typing.

Alternatives to Deleting Comment Spam
Now this is the fun bit. Firstly you've got to recognize that spammers are not people. This should suggest some really neat stuff. Did you ever want to abuse the crap out of somebody? Go right ahead. Mock, swear, hurl abuse. Let the bastards have it. See the comments on this post.

If you are using decent bloging software (ie, not Blogger) it is probably possible for you to edit the comments. This means not only can you abuse the crap out of them, you can also remove all of their hyperlinks so they gain no advantage from it.

Or, and here's a good bit coming up, you can remove the hyperlinks and not abuse them. Then you're left with coments saying, "I like your blog", but without the ads. That's pretty damn good.

So, how did I deal with the Hair Removal Moron? First, I removed the links. Next, I did this. Pretty neat huh. It's all part of my brilliant plan to:
  1. remove links.
  2. write bullshit.
  3. ?
  4. profit.
I am really good at thinking of great ideas like that, because of my brain.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tech News 20060706

I bought a new cordless phone, and it came with a free memory stick. Also I had to buy some new headphones for my mp3 player because the old ones shat themselves. Shat is a technical term, derived from Shatner, as in that guy off Star Trek.

In other news Microsoft have announced an all new product called "Windows". Apparently it is a kind of a dumbed-down MSDOS for people who can't type.

***Breaking news***
Sun will open source Java!!! I just totally never saw that one coming, because it's not like they promise every month to release Java under an open source license. </sarcasm>

Maybe I should have called the previous bit ***Broken news*** I mean, how many times can Sun get credit for doing something they have not done, and probably will never do?