Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tech News 20060706

I bought a new cordless phone, and it came with a free memory stick. Also I had to buy some new headphones for my mp3 player because the old ones shat themselves. Shat is a technical term, derived from Shatner, as in that guy off Star Trek.

In other news Microsoft have announced an all new product called "Windows". Apparently it is a kind of a dumbed-down MSDOS for people who can't type.

***Breaking news***
Sun will open source Java!!! I just totally never saw that one coming, because it's not like they promise every month to release Java under an open source license. </sarcasm>

Maybe I should have called the previous bit ***Broken news*** I mean, how many times can Sun get credit for doing something they have not done, and probably will never do?


keith said...

Sun is doing open source in small amounts. They can't open source everything at once or they might become too successful and bring down the wrath of MS.

Lorraine said...

I hate talking on the phone...I smash any phones given to me :)

Ben said...

Excellent. Wish I'd thought to blame Microsoft :) In other news, Scrubs is kinda funny.

Really. In other news, I am currently using the phrase "In other news" quite a bit.

MADCAP said...

MSDOS is for ubergeeks cuz I dunno how to use it. Maybe I should give the new Windows thingy a try to check if it suits me?

Keith said...

Try the even newer thing called LINUX.