Sunday, August 20, 2006


Standing at the counter of a local electrical retailer I noticed some mp3 players hanging on a rack. The fine print said "Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux".

Later I bought a new monitor at the computer store. The fold out install guide included a paragraph on setting up X on Linux to work with the monitor.

Checked the documentation for the monitor I bought last year - no mention. Ditto for my old mp3 player. It's like that singer guy said: "The times they are a-something-0r-other."


Lorraine said...

Hey, you're back :)
That's all the signs I need!

Miss Ann Thrope said...

i neeeeedddd yooooouuuu!

Do you have any info on why a dlink wireless would run on ubuntu live disk, and not on an install?

It says it sees the hardware. It makes the lights sync but then nuthin.

Until my husband figures this out, I may never get laid know how you techie types are when faced with a challenge.

Ben said...

I am somewhat back.

Miss Ann:
Uh... assuming you need me for the technical problem, and not the other thing...

I don't have specific experience with that problem, but the first thing I would do would be to make sure I had the appropriate linux-restricted-modules installed. The second thing would be to work out which wireless chipset the dlink was using and check if the module for it was being loaded (lsmod). The third thing would be to search the ubuntu forums.

I have no idea what the fourth thing would be, because I don't think that far ahead.

Miss Ann Thrope said...

he got it...something involving and iqs (???) and some other thing that I don't remember.

as for the other thing...