Monday, September 25, 2006

Extension Hell

I read somewhere that will get extension support. Actually, that's not entirely accurate - I read everywhere that will get extension support.

My response, instant, and clever, and really really insightful, is **cringe**

At their best extensions are a mixed blessing, fraught with all sorts of fraughtful things. Fraughtful is a word I made up, just for this occasion.

What's the best thing about Firefox? The extensions, and the extra functionality/configurability they bring.

What's the worst thing about Firefox? Extensions, and the flakiness, instability, and bloat they bring.

And this is not a new story. Back in my days as a Delphi developer I lauded the wide variety of third party components, their power, and their functionality, while at the same time cursing the wide variety of third party components, and the flakiness, instability, and bloat they brought to the IDE.

I predict extensions will wreak havoc with's stability and reliability, as it has done with other applications. This will be a bad thing for the users, and a good thing for the developers, because they can blame all of the problems on third party components, just as Borland have always done. Meanwhile users will sing the praises of their favourite extensions, while at the same time cursing Ooo for crashing all of the time.

Me? I will laugh, and download some more extensions.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Testing VS Unstable

I have been using Debian Testing on the desktop for a couple of years now, both at home, and at work. Naturally for servers I use Stable.

Recently I upgraded my home desktop to Unstable.

My impression on the difference between Testing and Unstable, based admittedly on a fairly short association with the latter, is that Unstable breaks more often, but Testing stays broke for a heck of a lot longer.

The NVidia drivers, for example, have been broken in Etch (testing) for months (Well, missing actually, but you don't get much more broken than that).

For those of you not familiar with Debian GNU/Linux and don't get all this talk of "stable" and "unstable" and stuff, please rest assured that I am in no way referring to my current sanity level... Please see the following link for an explanation:

Actually, this link might be better: What the hell - if Freespire can do it...

For those of you unable to read, please see the following explanation: dflkujtg6 534fg faag gasf yjpopiu jlkjlkyj fdsft afst tlkklgjit sdff;lstjl y f fsdkl65.

In other news I just bought a mouse. Hopefully the cat won't eat this one.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Stupid Things People Say

Why Ubuntu Got It All Wrong - Linux Forums: "For Ubuntu to upset major players in the desktop arena such as Microsoft and Apple they need to start behaving like a professional company and provide for the needs of their customers as opposed to what the company thinks they need."

Yeah, cause that's what Microsoft does. DRM, Product Activation, etc, etc, are exactly what the customer needs.