Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Linux Today Blog

Linux Today Blog

"...I am pleased to announce that we are offering more: a collection of blogs from a wide variety of community members that will offer insight and knowledge..."

"...For the past few months, I have been extending the invitation to join our blog to associates and friends in the community that I felt would have the best messages to share..."

So, how come they didn't invite me? I am hurt. Because, you know, I am totally integral to the whole FOSS community, and really really important. And stuff.

Anyway, LT then goes on to introduce the new weblog writer persons. For example:

"Tom Adelstein. Tom is a system administrator and a technical writer by trade, and is the author of several technology articles for various media outlets, as well as blog entries for Linux Journal."

Just in case my invitation has been lost in the mail, I have been preparing a byline.

Ben Hay. Ben is a bit of a moron. He has been a professional ribbon-changer for some years now, and someday hopes to graduate to laser cartridges. He knows the back of his hand like the back of his hand, and has a penchant for playing "Dawn of War" instead of doing any real work. Ben thought he saw a Linux once, but it was only a mouse.


Lorraine said...

You're depriving the world of your knowledge just 'cause you gotta be a smart ass....I luv that about you LOL

Ben said...

The world totally deserves me. Those bastards.

keith said...

deadlines, political correctness, politeness, and crap like that, who needs it? you can write whenever & whatever you feel like.

MADCAP said...

"And stuff." has become so important now that it deserves a whole sentence for itself? hahaha

Ben said...

You're right. I would totally suck at that stuff.

The really important things always deserve their own sentence. And stuff. :)