Saturday, October 21, 2006

StoneMonkey and CrackVulture

By now we're all pretty bored with the whole Debian renaming Firefox thing. Surely. I have resisted the urge to add my own worthless opinion. Until now.

Personally I have no problem at all with what the Debian guys are doing. Except for one bit. There is one bit that bugs the hell out of me, and it is this. Here is the part where I divulge the thing that is bothering me:

"Iceweasel"? What the hell? This has got to be straight out of Season One, Episode One of "Why Developers Should Never Be Allowed To Name Anything" (Coming soon on Fox). For chrissake. ***Throws hands in air in exasperation***

Don't get me started on stupid project/software names. Why the hell do you think nobody calls it GNU/Linux? And here I pause, but nobody volunteers any suggestions, possibly because they do not want to draw attention to themselves, what with the insane gleam in my eyes, and all. Well, I'll tell you. It is because you can't say "GNU". It rolls off the tongue like an enormous tongue-clamp - ie not at all.

Listen, if you can't think of a suck-free name, then just call it "Web Browser" or "Debian Browser" or any bloody thing, but not "Iceweasel", or any stupid construction like that.

Actually, I'm rather partial to "StoneMonkey". Or "HammerToad". That's pretty neat too.


Lorraine said...

Iceweasel is kinda weak...although it's nice to understand a techie post for a change
(Just taking a break from cleaning the toilet)

madcap said...

GNU goes like guh-nooh! Hope things are easier for ya now! :-P hahaha!

Ben said...

Yes, weak like American beer.

I think you just made my point about how well GNU, or guh-nooh, rolls off the tongue. Please allow me to suggest another pronunciation - "stoooopid".

madcap said...

lol!! So is Fosters a rather strong beer?

But we do pronounce it as "stoooopd" instead of a bland stupid. Admit it we like stressing the keywords. Besides by the time we finish pronouncing GNU, we'll be so out of breath to care any more about the Linux part... thats what RMS basically wants. :)

Ben said...

Hell, I don't know. Am not a beer drinker. Just harkening back to the old Monty Python line:

"Why is american beer like making love in a canoe?"

"Because it's fucking close to water."

Oh, and as to the "That's what RMS basically wants" bit - you are indeed wise.