Friday, October 20, 2006

Weekly Debian News #1 - Debian News

As a regular reader of the "Debian Weekly News" I must say that I am very sad to see it go.

I laughed at the MLM (Mailing List Morons) and their zany antics, wept at the plight of all of those poor poor orphans, and rejoiced at the news of new packages arriving in the night (presumably delivered by the stork).

So, it is with great pleasure that I hereby step up to the plate, eat a delicious helping of spagetti, step back from the plate, and offer my assistance in this most dire hour of need.

Yes, please be welcome to the first issue of the "Weekly Debian News" (title subject to change - possibly "Weekly Debian Nudes", because that would be really neat).

So, on with the news...

Amarok is broken! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!
Yes, you heard it here first, folks - recently (It wasn't this week, but I am not hung up on accuracy), in unstable, the most delicious of all spagetti music players has become a pathetic shadow of its former self, a cripple, a hideous mutant with peeling flesh and horns and a foul smell, like some kind of creature from the dark pits of hell... But I digress. It's what I do.

Apparently the current libxine1 package cannot play mp3s, and unfortunately it appears xine is now the only backend available for Amarok. It be a sad sad day. Add this to the brokenness of the musicbrainz integration, and Amarok becomes a virtual paperweight.

Shut up - brokenness is so a word. Look it up on Google. While you're at it, please find me some good porn.

[UPDATE 20061022]: The cure to the mp3 playback problem was rm -rf ~/.xine Thanks to Reinhard Tartler for this. Musicbrainz is still broken, however. And no, my inability to work this out myself does not prove that I am a complete idiot, for a couple of reasons:
  1. A claim that is uncontested does not need to be proven
  2. I am hardly complete.

In other news, a prominent Debian developer was seen rescuing a kitten from a tree. In this exclusive footage.... Actually there is no footage, but I always wanted to say that... The story about the kitten is also a fabrication, as is the name I use on this blog, my address, description, photo, and breasts. All else is one hundred percent authentic. Mostly.

Some guys said some stuff on some mailing lists, which I have not read, because I HATE HATE HATE mailing lists - ever since university, where each day I had to wade through hundreds and hundreds of horrible pathetic mindless emails by people who knew nothing about anything and should never have been allowed anywhere near a computer, or a university, or a falopian tube. Everybody who went to my university, except me, was a complete moron - no offence intended to any CQU graduates who might be paying somebody to read this to them, though where any of those sub-humans would get money from is beyond me.

Phew. I seem to have gone on a bit.

In next week's episode: adventure, intrigue, nudity, suspense, tragedy, horror, possibly even some Debian news, but I wouldn't count on that last bit. Or the nudity. Sorry.


Christian Jensen said...

I'm glad to see that you step up to the challenge as any true hero would do.

Allthough it almost got killed by my spam filter.

Lorraine said...

Just so you know Ben, you're not spam. Right after I posted you, Blogger Beta told me I was suspected of being a spam blog and until further notice I would be unable to post...What IS IT about you?
Anyway, they decided you're not spam because my blog has been cleared.
Maybe if you became Debian Editor, it wouldn't happen anymore

Ben said...

Well, what else could I do? There is such a thing as honor you know, not to mention attention-whoring.

Hey, it's you they're accusing of being a spam-bot, not I. :)

Lorraine said...

Yeah, well the sell pitch didn't work anyway...not enough people stop by that sight. So it's gone...I can I can sell you best on my main one.
So, when you have a second among your minute that you spare for blog how about
Doing a blogroll with Henry, and my other four blogs??/
Want to?