Friday, October 27, 2006

Weekly Debian News #2

And once more the glory of the Weekly Debian Nudes bursts onto your screens, like a particularly colorful pimp, resplendent in its purple sports coat and orange suede shoes.

Firstly, from the mailing lists, comes the news that I still steadfastly refuse to read the mailing lists. Please insert rant about how newsgroups are soooo much better right about here. I would do it myself, but fear such a feat might require the ability to form some kind of rational argument. Pity really.

The tremendously exciting news this week, of course, is that Gnome 2.16 packages have begun to appear in unstable. As a KDE user I am uncertain why this is exciting, but it sure sounds better than "the tremendously boring news..."

Speaking of upgrades, kde, or most of it, has been upgraded in Etch, from 3.5.4 to 3.5.5. This is a bugfix release, and the changelog is in that place which contains the changelog. What, I should find it for you? You don't know how to spell google?

This week's Linux hissy-fit award goes to Debian, as usual. Sigh. Just once I'd like to see somebody else win it. I mean, apart from Theo. Theo doesn't count, because he is BSD.

I manage to write a second issue. Of course this is the really big, and no doubt entirely unexpected, news. Although it would have been a whole lot more unexpected were there any actual content... but moving right along folks, we come to the final exhibit:

Ubuntu 6.10, Edgy Eft, has been released, or will have been by the time you read this. Ok, it's not exactly Debian, but I think I may have mentioned that I am not hung up on accuracy. Or proper grammar. or punctuation. or speeelling.

Anyway, I have it on good authority that every tenth customer will receive an actual Eft. I don't know how they manage to fit them in a CD sleeve, but leaving that aside for now because I seem to have forgotten the punch line, we shall instead move onto some very important advice as to the proper way to care for your Eft. Firstly, they only eat freshly killed orangutans. Secondly, you should never feed your Eft after midnight, just like in that movie. Whatever it was called.

And that's all for this week, so it's good night from me, and remember; just because you "apt get install bum", doesn't mean you're gay.


Ramnath said...


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Anonymous said...

Three aproximative news?
What a replacement for the glorious Debian original?!
Luckily, you're much more funny.
Thank you!
p.s. Of course they're misunderstood. That's why the famous crocodile tears

Lorraine said...

You seem to be in demand weird is that?

Ben said...


Thank you for the kind offer. Sadly there are one or two few hours in the day. Also... but the also can wait.

Finally, I had better point out an error in your assumptions. "I came to know about the effort you guys are giving to build up the next get OS called Debian..."

No, it is not I. My only contribution to Debian has been one or two bug reports, and numerous smart-arsed and ultimately useless articles such as the one we are currently commenting on.

The credit for Debian belongs to others - many others.

I do what I can. Which, sadly, is not much.

Ramnath was probably in a hurry when he read my stuff. Or drunk. I expect a retraction sometime soon.