Friday, November 10, 2006

Weakly Debian Nudes #4

Nothing happened this week. Sorry.

But that never stopped me before, so let's begin with the strange rumour that Novell is having Microsoft's love child. This kind of thing is completely unwarranted, and the people spreading these fabrications - bloggers, analysts, so called "Novell Spokespersons" - really need to, well, knock it off. Novell have enough going on at the moment without having to deal with this kind of unfounded innuendo - why they still need to figure out a way to take advantage of Oracle's recent attempt to cripple Red Hat.

Moving on to some slightly more debian-related bits. On the debian-security mailing list this week Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña said:
$ diff -u /usr/share/doc/php5-common
/examples/php.ini-dist \
/usr/share/doc/php5-common/examples/php.ini-paranoid |less

You know, just to show that I do read the mailing lists. Or I did read one of them, once. Well, security is important and all that.

And from the "Intranet is for porn" department, Christian of reports that for some strange and unknown reason the word "nudes" is now one of the top four search phrases leading to his site. I offered to help, but was told to sod off and that I had, apparently "done quite enough already thank you very much", whatever that means.

But on to the famed "Linux Hissy-Fit Award" and we find that for the first time in living memory the recipient is not connected with the Debian project. Please welcome Dave Jones, who has quite a bit to say about a recent review of Fedora. Apparently Dave is a bit miffed. Onya Dave, firstly for giving me an excuse to use the word "miffed" in a sentence, and secondly for discovering that Ubuntu is the root of all evil. (<-- tenuous Debian link in this story)

Miffed is a great word. I call on bloggers to use the word "miffed" in your next post. If we all make the effort "miffed" can be elevated to the recognition it so richly deserves. Forget "wtf", and "rtfm", and "meh", and "pfy". Get "miffed" - you know you want to.

In local news, I tried Beagle/Kerry on my box and was mostly underwhelmed. Story to follow, if I can be bothered.

Well that about wraps it up for another illuminating episode of the Wonky Debian Nudes! In next week's Wankly Debian Nudes, the ever changing title of this series undergoes a transformation that surprises, and possibly shocks, even the most hardened of analysts. I can't reveal too much quite yet, but, well, let's just say that it may or may not involve some kind of covenant with a little-known monopolist in the software industry. Yes, I may or may not be working to preserve the right of my readers, and only my readers, to make smart arsed comments without fear of infringing certain patents related to smart-arsedness.

But I have said too much.


Lorraine said...

Gotcha! Go check it out...

Christian Pfeiffer Jensen said...

Dave Jones aka Davy Jones??

Are we thinking of the same Davy Jones?

Couldn't help it, saw the movie yesterday....

Anonymous said...

I hate blogs!
I never read blogs!
I've returned here just to verify that you have nothing to say about Debian!!!
But, to your defense, you've revealed to the world the truth about the infamous Novel/Microsoft news
Well...thank're very brave

Ben said...

Nice one.

I got a 404 error at that address, so am uncertain, but if you're referring to the famous Davy Jones who has a locker wot those pirates are always talking about, then probably not.

Interestingly I had a lecturer at University by the name of David Jones.

Ok, so it's not very interesting.

Yes, well, I hate anonymous commenters. I never respond to anonymous commenters. I am responding just to verify that I hate anonymous commenters.

But to your defence, your comments are worthwhile, and have adequate punctuation, not to mention your recognition of my brilliant whistle-blowing skills.

Lorraine said...

So 'Miffed' is another word for breast?

Isn't Dave J. a Monkey?

Lorraine said...

and, if you are going naked again, you might want to check this post out :)
and wow the w.v. is so right on:

Ben said...

I think you have too much time on your hands. Or you're just showing off.

I could have five weblogs, if I wanted to.

Lorraine said...

Way too much time, that came out of a bare, I mean bored moment, it'll be gone before you blink ;)

madcap said...

I'm so miffed that u can get away with misleading headlines all the time.

Did I use the word correctly? If no, then it's a quite sucky word.

P.S. I'm also quite miffed due to the fact that I always get the capcha wrong at the first instance and I get to add a PS. (Was that any good?)

Ben said...

OMG, she's gone. Shouldn't have blinked.

Excellent use of "miffed". Keep up the good work. I hate Capcha, but I hate comment spam more.