Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Weekly Debian Nubiles #6

Did you ever get the feeling that maybe all of the adults have left the Debian project for greener pastures (ie Ubuntu)? When you read about developers deliberately sabotaging the release of Etch (http://blogs.turmzimmer.net/2006/12/18#20061211 - see also here) do you just think "Oh well, another candidate for the famous Linux Hissy-Fit Award" or do you possibly begin to wonder if this points to a deeper, darker, drearier and - notwithstanding my amazing powers of alliteration - way way dastardlier plot.

Yes, brave reader, welcome to this week's Weekly Debian Nubiles - the column that dares to ask the undarable questions, to climb the unclimbable heights, to view the unviewable porn... And the important question for this week is, are we dealing with a bunch of selfish thirteen year old primadonnas who apparently don't give a toss about Debian? And if so, how attractive is Opensuse looking right now?

These questions, and many others, will be answered a little later. Well, probably much later. By somebody else. This is because Weekly Debian Nudes is the column which dares to ask the undarable questions, not answer them, and also on account of my legendary reluctance to get involved in any actual research.

Anyway, in other news the release critical bug count continues to decline, despite the resistance of certain treacherous developers who will remain nameless to protect the guilty, and also on account of my legendary reluctance to get involved in any actual research. Those guys will no doubt rot in the pits of some hideous hell that looks remarkably like the first level of Doom, or Quake, or Duke Nukem, or whichever one it was had the scene with the hidden porn in the movie theatre... But I seem to have become distracted again, so will now move on, cleverly avoiding any recognition that my own imagination has become atrophied out of all existence by years of mindless computer games. Damn solitaire.

Finally, in the major news item for this week, the long awaited Ubuntu Satanic Edition has been released and will no doubt soon burst onto your screen with lots of fire and brimstone and chocolate sauce, just like in that Buffy episode with the demon in the computers.

All hail the anti-buntu.


Lorraine said...


You have to visit this blog just today

you'll know why and don't be evil

Lorraine said...

oh yeah I love that episode

Ben said...

I knew you would.

Lorraine said...

You would not believe what Mr. Fabulous had me translate!!!!

Lorraine said...

...and I hate it but I have to exercise some discipline and quit blogging today. I'm going to watch Buffy!!!

Christian Pfeiffer Jensen said...

I'll be darn! You are starting to get sarcastic, witty and sharp at the same time?

What kind of development is that - the number of search phrases looking for "nude" on MY site is rapidly declining!

Ben said...

Hi Christian.

It was an accident - I was aiming for vapid and vain and altogether pointless.

Anonymous said...

Hail hail Mr. Hay

I even don't had the time to thank you for the n°5, the n°6 it's already out?!
Have you become addicted?
Ah, you're our Poor Lonesome Cowboy that will apply justice and punish the bad people.
And these Debian guys are nasty!
Can you imagine, we'll be forced to install that Satanic thing...well, it looks hot!
So, thank you.