Friday, February 27, 2009

5 Minute Comparison - Ubuntu 8.10 and Debian Lenny

Hardware: Dell Latitude C610
CPU: Mobile P3 - M 1133MHz
RAM: 256MB
HDD: 20G
Video: ATI Radeon Mobility M6
Wireless: TP-Link TL-WN321G USB Ralink chipset (Only had this during the Ubuntu install)
LAN: 3Com 3c905c
Audio: Intel 82801CA/CAM AC97

Debian 5.0 (Lenny)
Accepted all defaults. Installed flawlessly. Detected all hardware. KDE installed after with apt-get.

Issues found in first five minutes:
In Gnome right clicking the CD-Rom drive and selecting "Eject" gives an error "Unable to mount media" when there is not a CD in the drive. Typical Brain-deadedness of Gnome.

User is permitted to perform administrative actions without entering a password of any kind. (Typical Windows brain-deadedness, but what the hell is it doing in Debian?) And no, I am not logged in as root.

Default web browser is Epiphany.

Five Minute Goodness:
All hardware works, no fiddling required. Fiddling purely optional. Suspend & Hibernate work. Aside from load times - always a problem with laptop hard drives - Lenny is FAST on this hardware. KDE seems faster than Gnome (menus are more responsive, KDE apps launch quicker than Gnome counterparts and are also more responsive).

Ubuntu 8.10
Installer was SLOW to load. Installed flawlessly. Detected all hardware. apt-get dist-upgrade applied approximately 250MB of packages. I did not try KDE on Ubuntu.

Issues found in first five minutes:
Same CD-Rom eject error as Lenny. Suspend fails to resume (Display does not switch back on). Ubuntu is waaaaaay slower than Debian on this hardware, possibly due to all the visual effects. Occasionally notice this weird thing where the application I am working in kind of fades to a sort of background unfocused look for a few seconds, then fades back in and normal service is resumed.

Five Minute Goodness:
All hardware works immediately on first boot. Again, as with Debian, fiddling is entirely optional. But then who doesn't like a good fiddle every now and then. Hibernate works (but not Suspend, as noted above). Attractive visual effects.

This post is way too short for conclusions, as was my testing.


Anonymous said...

Lenny's getting good reviews. Good for the Debian guys. That's bad though about the admin. I think that Debian focuses pretty good on security to this it a big dangit.

Frank said...

Which specific model/version Wireless Card did you use?

Thank you.

Ben said...

TP-Link TL-WN321G