Tuesday, February 17, 2009


When did the Adobe Acrobat Reader become an enormously bloated piece of crapware?

I think it must have been sometime around about when they dropped "Acrobat" from the name..

Scene - Adobe board room.
PHB #1: So, let's make the Acrobat Reader an enormously bloated piece of crapware.
PHB #2: Great idea. It'll need a new name though... Something really clever and creative...

Yeah, that's probably what happened.

But why did it take me so long to notice?


Laura said...

I've never liked Acrobat even when it was Acrobat. It has always been a bloated pile. Or something you get piles after sitting so long waiting for it to load, freeze, crash, reboot, curse, repeat.

Laura said...

What are you up to in the rest of your life? Are you on Facebook, Twitter or any of those social things? I could at least wave now and then as you sit naked on your porch and nag at you to start writing Henry again.

Ben said...

Oh I am on Facebook alright. I hate it. Hate the interface, hate the advertising, hate the applications people keep throwing at me that demand access to my personal information.

Hate hate hate hate hate. Did I mention I hate it?

re Acrobat: I guess nostalgia really ain't what it used to be.