Thursday, March 05, 2009

5 Minutes of Elive 1.9.23

Hardware: Dell Latitude C610
CPU: Mobile P3 - M 1133MHz
RAM: 256MB
HDD: 20G
Video: ATI Radeon Mobility M6
Wireless: TP-Link TL-WN321G USB, Ralink chipset
LAN: 3Com 3c905c
Audio: Intel 82801CA/CAM AC97

Elive 1.9.23 (Unstable)
This is another livecd install. The CD boots quickly enough. The install is pretty damn slow, but dead easy.

I use the unstable version because stable requires a payment to download, and I'm not about to do that for a five minute test-drive.

Did I mention the install is slow? Hell, just generating locales is slower than the entire knoppix install.

***Disclaimer: I did not time the knoppix install. I did not time the elive install. I make wildly unfounded claims based on nothing more than the level of frustratotron enzymes in my system at any given time. There is no such thing as a frustratotron enzyme (there probably should be). End Disclaimer***

But it really is slow.

Issues found in first five minutes.
When powering down the system, it says "System start in progress, hold on please".

Hibernate fails without data loss - ie it does not go to sleep then fail to resume; rather it fails to go to sleep and kicks back to the desktop with "Elive system, restored."

Menus happily cascade right off the screen.

Closing the lid blanks the screen. Opening the lid does not restore the screen. Nothing bar shutdown and restart restores the screen.

Enlightenment theme switcher - OK and Apply both do the same thing; apply the selected theme, and then close the application.

Five Minute Goodness:
Enlightenment e17. It's a beautiful thing, and not just because of the visuals. If you haven't seen e17, you're missing out. You should see e17.

I like the eLive panel, although would prefer to enter root password once, rather than every time I click an applet for system-wide settings.

Suspend to RAM works. On resume you get "Elive system, restored" in a voice that kinda reminds me of an old game. (C&C? Warzone 2100? Definitely an RTS)

This post is way too short for conclusions, as was my testing. Oh, what the hell, here's your damn conclusion: I like it. I like it a lot.

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