Wednesday, March 04, 2009

5 Minutes of SimplyMepis 8.0.00

Hardware: Dell Latitude C610
CPU: Mobile P3 - M 1133MHz
RAM: 256MB
HDD: 20G
Video: ATI Radeon Mobility M6
Wireless: TP-Link TL-WN321G USB, Ralink chipset
LAN: 3Com 3c905c
Audio: Intel 82801CA/CAM AC97

SimplyMepis 8.0.00
When I installed Fedora from the Live CD and found it to be incredibly slow, I blamed myself. This hardware, I said, is just not up to running a modern livecd.

Then I booted the Knoppix 6.0.1 CD, and it was outrageously fast. But still, I said, Knoppix is using LXDE, which is much lighter than Fedora's Gnome desktop.

But now after trying SimplyMepis, I am forced to conclude that the Fedora livecd really does just completely suck. It's not me, Fedora, it's you. Sorry. Had to be said.

SimplyMepis boots almost as quickly as Knoppix, but to a full KDE desktop. The installer is fast and fantastic, mostly, although it failed to set my timezone.

Issues found in first five minutes.
Suspends but will not resume. Hibernate fails completely, just bringing up a locked screen message.

On first boot I find that Mepis has set the clock forward three months and some hours, and believes I am in New York.

Five Minute Goodness:
It's fast. Wireless works. Everything works. Mepis provide their own helper applications for configuring the system, and they are mostly good. Nice visuals, from Grub menu, to splash screen, to desktop.

It's KDE and, mostly, it's Debian.

This post is way too short for conclusions, as was my testing.


Alex said...

I think hibernate fails because your system isn't validated for working (in it's list of systems), so it doesn't even try to hibernate. It might work. Try to run as sudo
s2both -f

(or s2ram -f or s2disk -f)

Ben said...

Thanks for the advice Alex. So far the laptop has had Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Fedora, Slackware, Knoppix, SimplyMepis, and Elive.

Some could suspend but not hibernate. Some could hibernate but not suspend.
To date only Debian Lenny could do both.

I suspect that with some work any of the above could have been made to work for both suspend and hibernate. Possibly. But we may never know, because the whole point of the "5 Minute" test is to avoid doing any real work. ;)