Sunday, April 26, 2009

Five Minutes of Ubuntu 9.04

Hardware: Acer Aspire 5315
CPU: Celeron 550 2.0GHZ
Video: Intel GMA X3100 (GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller rev 03)
Wireless: Atheros AR242x PCI Express (rev 01)
LAN: Broadcom NetLink BCM5906M
Audio: Intel 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)

Ubuntu 9.04
LiveCD booted to a desktop with all devices detected ok. Wireless lan was detected, Entered the network key, and all is good.

Double-click "Install" on the desktop, then it's seven simple steps and you're awaaaaay! This is one step more than Kubuntu (Review) - that step being "Migrate Documents and Settings", which allows the user to migrate their settings from an existing Windows install. Apparently Kubuntu does not have this option.

Issues found in first five minutes.

If I leave the PC idle for a short while, then move the mouse, the screen flickers. (and No, I do not have "Dim display when idle" checked in Power Management. It flickers like crazy when starting the Power Management Preferences. Flickers at random intervals too.

It flickers.

Plain old boring desktop with not a sign of visual effects (Compiz and such). Actually, Compiz is installed, however doesn't appear to work on this hardware, whereas Kubuntu (KDE4) had all visual effects working beautifully.

When I click "Shut Down" or "Restart" I get a sixty second countdown. When I tell the computer to shut down, I mean now.

Five Minute Goodness:

Suspend to Ram and Suspend to Disk both work on this hardware.

All hardware detected. All drivers loaded automatically and transparently. Imagine needing some special vendor-supplied cd, just to make the hardware work. Or, worse, imagine having to search the Internet for drivers just to get stuff to work. That would be really primitive.

Performance is excellent.

Plain, functional desktop with not a sign of visual effects (Compiz and such).

This post is way too short for conclusions, as was my testing, but I will say this; Way back in the early days of Ubuntu I tried both Gnome and KDE versions and found that compared to Ubuntu, Kubuntu was lacking in features and polish and appeared really quite buggy. It's good to see some things are constant - eternal, in this ever changing world. This hectic dog eat dog rat race where the rats maybe get eaten by the dogs when the dogs have finished eating each other and then maybe the dogs go to start in on the cats, but the cats haven't got out of bed yet, so then the dogs just eat my shoes instead.

Bloody dog.


Unknown said...

Yeah, no desktop effects here, either. Problem with this release supporting the X3100. Hopefully the folks at Canonical will have that sorted out by Karmic, because this is affecting A LOT of people!

potsed said...

I got the compiz working by commenting out a line in the /usr/bin/compiz file

T="$T 8086:2a02 " # Intel GM965


#T="$T 8086:2a02 " # Intel GM965

then you need to switch on the effects using the the system > preferences > appearance visual effects tab